The procession with the shipwreck through Europe embodies and executes the human right to mobility, commemorating all casualties of migration caused by inhumane politics. 

The procession through Europe with the recovered shipwreck of the refugee boat that sank in the Sicilian Channel on the 18th of April 2015 will start in Palermo - referencing the Charter of Palermo - for the freedom of movement as a human right - and the local tradition of the syncretic Santa Rosalia procession as a victory over the plague and a celebration of life. 

The procession will move through Italy, crossing the borders of France, Germany and Belgium, and to the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels. There the shipwreck will come to its final halt and be displayed permanently in front of the European Council and Commission as a reminder of and transnational monument to Europe´s failed migration policies and its legislative machine that creates the illegality and social destruction.